New Zealand

New Zealand boasts some of the most beautiful scenery… rugged mountains, glaciers, fjords and waterfalls. Learn about the Maori people and their traditions in the North Island. See mountains. lakes and glaciers in the South Island. Both very different. During your New Zealand adventure float above the vineyards in a Hot Air Balloon, hike the mountains, take helicopter ride over the Glaciers, cycle along the lakes surrounded by mountains, take the Trans-Alpine train, relax amongst this incredible scenery and sip some of New Zealand’s world class wines. There is so much to do or so many beautiful places to sit back, relax and soak in the scenery. Each individual trip will be crafted into a once-in-a-lifetime experience in New Zealand.

South Africa

You will find that South Africa is not just a destination, but also a feeling that will stay with you for a lifetime. Combine South Africa’s incredible wildlife, luxury game lodges, exceptional wine estates with picturesque countryside, unique ecosystems, charming Cape Town and the beauty of Table Mountain, Chapmans Peak drive, warmth of the people and you have a perfect South African experience.

Tahiti, Fiji, Cook Islands and more

The islands that make up the South Pacific are dreamlike destinations, thanks to their pristine beaches and medley of mountains, reefs and authentic culture. Experience the luxury of staying in an overwater bungalow, snorkeling in crystal clear water and soak up the views of the brilliant jewel like colors of the ocean. The island people will welcome you and ensure your romantic vacation is exceptional.


Grand Palace Bangkok in the grand country of Thailand. Exotic is the best way to describe the counties in Asia. They all have their own personality and history which makes them so very fascinating. History lovers, spiritual seekers and photographers will explore these ancient countries, discovering a world of tradition and culture.


So much of Australia’s boisterous personality is simply over the top, making it all but impossible to single out one feature or location. This is an expansive country that captivates from the very first encounter. Explore the Outback, Unesco World Heritage sites like Uluru, staggering Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania and the Tasmanian Devils, wineries in many areas of Australia, Crocodiles in Northern Territories, Kangaroos and many more fascinating Australian creatures throughout this wonderful country. Australia has it all.